Mommy Monday: Betsie's Story

Each week, I'll share the story of a mother. Not just any mother, but a mother that surpassed the odds, a mother that overcame, a mother that didn't give up, a mother that believed that the Lord had plans for her family. These are the stories of mothers after infertility when her precious miracle entered her world. May these stories inspire you, give you hope, and encourage you to keep believing for your miracle.

I want to introduce you to this week's Featured Mommy Monday. Meet Betsie Morales. This is her story:

We are Jon and Betsie Morales. Our love story began almost 18 years ago when Jon asked me to marry him. We shared many hopes and dreams including having biological kids and maybe adopting a couple of children. Little did we know we would have a long and difficult journey ahead of us. Several years after we got married, we received the terrible news that it will be a biological impossibility for us to have children without medical intervention. So, after much prayer and guidance, we decided to pursue IVF. It was a painful and lonely journey and after 3 rounds of IVF and 2 miscarriages, we decided it was time to take a break.

We took time to mourn and to heal and to connect with the only source of comfort capable of healing our broken hearts, our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Waiting was one of the hardest parts of our story. We felt it was the only thing we did, just waiting. Waiting for more diagnoses, test’s results, for doors to open. We put on hold many vacations and family events because our lives revolved around treatment schedules. Even when we decided to pursue adoption, the whole process was slow and sometimes discouraging.

But while we were actively waiting on the Lord, our hearts started to align more and more with the Father’s heart and His desire for us to adopt.

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Six months after we were home study approved, we received the call that changed our hearts forever. We were chosen by a lovely young mom to be the parents of her little boy and two weeks later, (yes just two weeks!) our son LC was born. No more waiting! We barely had enough time to set up his nursery! He is now six years old, loves to play with his dinosaurs and to sing Toby Mac’s songs!

Parenthood was always part of God’s plan for our lives and adoption is the medium he used to grow our family.

Note: (We are currently in the process to become foster parents.)


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