Mommy Monday: Catherine's Story

Each week, I'll share the story of a mother. Not just any mother, but a mother that surpassed the odds, a mother that overcame, a mother that didn't give up, a mother that believed that the Lord had plans for her family. These are the stories of mothers after infertility when her precious miracle entered her world. May these stories inspire you, give you hope, and encourage you to keep believing for your miracle.

I want to introduce you to this week's Featured Mommy Monday. Meet Catherine Spivey. This is her story:

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Adoption was always part of our plan but naturally, my husband and I desired biological children first. God had a much bigger plan for our family. After 5.5 years of male factor infertility, we were blessed with our daughter Lucy Pearl through the gift of adoption. Before her beautiful arrival, I was in some pretty deep dark places emotionally, not knowing when I would hold a precious baby in my arms, crying out to God in hopes that He would hear me. Waiting on my husband to hop on board with adoption. Waiting on divine clarity about proceeding with IVF.

So much waiting. The wait seemed endless, year after year after year. But when I held Lucy Pearl in my arms for the first time and was able to experience “skin to skin” with her after she took her first breath, all of the heartache, the tears, the struggle, the stress, the fear, the longing desire to be a mother, the excruciating wait…all of it made sense and it was all worth it.

I wouldn’t change one page of our story because I remember how the path to Lucy Pearl was paved with so many prayers, so many tears and unrelenting faith in God’s promise for our family. She is a perfect example of the Lord’s faithfulness.

My relationship with our heavenly Father is forever changed because of our infertility and adoption journey. I’ve been through some of the lowest points in my life and in my marriage over the past 6 years but it isn’t without the blessings of the Father.

I had nowhere to turn but to God. I was broken and I needed Him to show me His path, His will and His love in my everyday life. I became in tune with His voice over my life. When I brought my needs and my heart to Jesus, God met me there with open arms.

For all the heartache I went through, my walk with Christ has been the biggest blessing and the main component in my life to transform, other than becoming a mother. My infertility journey became my spiritual journey.

I know my value in Him because of infertility. I know my worth as a child of God because of infertility.

My perspective on things working out or not working out is altogether different because of infertility. I believe in God’s master plan for my life and infertility taught me that. As much as I wanted to push my agenda and what I wanted, God was very specific and perfectly chose Lucy Pearl to be our daughter. Her destiny was the Lord’s main focus and when we realized we were part of her destiny, it was hard to not be affected by that. When I experienced the Holy Spirit move in my life throughout our journey, it reminded me of who was in control. GOD. I just had to step out of the way.

The road to parenthood hasn’t been easy for me and my husband over the years but it’s opened our eyes and heart in ways we couldn’t imagine. I would walk through the fire again and again if it meant I would know Christ as I do now. As I mentioned, I wouldn’t change one page of our story. It is just that beautiful.


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