Embrace Bravery Book


In this book, you’ll discover how to embrace your infertility journey with bravery and strength. Infertility makes us feel weak like we failed somehow. Our bodies were created to produce children, yet, we struggle to conceive, causing feelings of failure and inadequacy. Though we may have those feelings, that’s not what God says about us. In fact, I believe He’s taking the brokenness of infertility and using it to maximize the bravery and strength He’s already given us. Women on this journey are some of the bravest women out there. From long waits, tests, IUI’s, IVF, and the like, we must continue to fight for our families more than anyone does. 

In Embrace Bravery: Embracing Your Infertility Story with Bravery and Strength you’ll learn truths to walk through topics like waiting, grieving, having faith, trusting God, being brave in the face of infertility and so much more. Take this journey with me, as we dive into how you can embrace this journey with dignity and grace.

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