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Navigating the Holidays Series

The holidays are approaching, in fact one of them just passed. And for many people and for many reasons, the holidays are not an easy part of the year. Some of us dread this time of year. We’d like to stay in bed and pretend it doesn’t exist. Does that sound familiar?

That’s okay. But since most of us can’t pretend the holidays don’t exist, what about we figure out some ways to get through the holidays? I will take 7 posts to dive into different ways to navigate the holidays. Join in with me and even chime in.

Part 1: Acknowledge + Process

Part 2: It’s Okay to Say No

Part 3: Choose What Parties or Events To Go To


Part 4: Set Expectations for You and Your Family

Part 5: It’s Okay to Not Share Your Fertility Info

Part 6: Stay Off Social Media, if Necessary
Part 7: Check In With Your Accountability When Problems Arise
Bonus Tip: Be Prayed Up