Navigating the Holidays Part 5

The holidays are approaching, in fact one of them just passed. And for many people and for many reasons, the holidays are not an easy part of the year. Some of us dread this time of year. We'd like to stay in bed and pretend it doesn't exist. Does that sound familiar?

That's okay. But since most of us can't pretend the holidays don't exist, what about we figure out some ways to get through the holidays? I will take 7 posts to dive into different ways to navigate the holidays. Join in with me and even chime in.

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Part 5: It's Okay To Not Share Your Fertility Info

I'm sure you get the questions of when you're going to have children, especially around the holidays, as most of us do. I don't know about you, but in this day and age it seems like everyone thinks they have a right to know very intimate details of your life. Things like:

When are you going to settle down?

When are you going to get married?

When are you going to get a home with a white picket fence?

When are you going to have babies?

When are you going to stop having babies?

All of those things are very personal and intimate questions. The thing is that people are very well-intentioned. Most of them aren't trying to cross some boundary. Most of them care about you and are concerned about you.

However, when someone chooses to do any of these number of things, is a personal decision for them. It really isn't anyone's business to know these things, unless we make it their business.

Do you know what that means? When they ask these questions you don't have to divulge all the information. It's your decision what you share. And if you're not comfortable sharing that you've been dealing with challenges getting pregnant or even that you've lost babies and are praying for your rainbow babies, then don't share it.

Instead, let's approach it with kindness and simply say, thanks for your concern. I will have babies when God opens that door. And then just leave it at that. If they pry just say I'm not going to share anything more than that. This is for your sanity and theirs.


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