Navigating the Holidays Part 2

The holidays are approaching, in fact one of them just passed. And for many people and for many reasons, the holidays are not an easy part of the year. Some of us dread this time of year. We'd like to stay in bed and pretend it doesn't exist. Does that sound familiar?

That's okay. But since most of us can't pretend the holidays don't exist, what about we figure out some ways to get through the holidays? I will take 7 posts to dive into different ways to navigate the holidays. Join in with me and even chime in.

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Part 2: It's Okay to Say No

I have learned in this journey that I have to determine what's best for me – what's best for my physical health, emotional health and mental health. I think we all need to get to that place of determining what's best for us and what we can truly handle.

Is it hard to go to the christmas parties you're being invite to? Give yourself permission to say no.

Is it hard to talk about Christmas? Give yourself permission not to do it.

Is it hard to go to the family gatherings where you know you're going to be bombarded with questions about what you're not pregnant yet? Give yourself permission not to go.

Is it hard to buy gifts for other peoples kiddos because it reminds you that you don't have your own? Give yourself permission not to get them.

And I know you might be thinking that I'll have to explain to these people why I'm not going or why I'm not buying. But do you really have to explain? Do you owe any of them an explanation? No. The only person you owe is yourself – you owe yourself peace of mind. So if they ask you just say I'm not coming or I'm not buying because I can't. No further explanation needed. If they continue on, you apologize and you say I'm sorry I'm not going to be able to discuss this further.

It's hard to change the way we've always done things, but we have to set boundaries for ourselves. We also have to be prepared that not everyone will respond well. Why? Because you've never set these boundaries before and it will completely throw them off. So give them grace. And give yourself grace.

Take one step at a time, one day at a time.

Here's to a new day, a new season and a new you – the one where you take care of yourself because you have to, because who else will?


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