NIAW: Meghan Griffith's Story

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. A week created to bring awareness to the horrible condition of infertility. So this week on the Embrace Bravery blog, you'll hear stories from women who have braved the diagnosis of infertility, but are choosing to believe that this is just a season and they are experiencing delayed fertility. These women choose to believe in a big God who can do big things and a God who is bigger than any diagnosis.

Meet Meghan Griffith, an Embrace Bravery participant. This is her story.

Babies! Lots of Babies! That was always my dream!  Never did I imagine having a baby would be this hard.  

But infertility is what God has asked my husband, Michael, & I to walk through in this season. A season that has lasted 3.5 years and counting (we've been married 4 years).   

After 2.5 years of trying, we finally visited a doctor to figure out the problem.  Unfortunately, after several tests and lots of blood work, our diagnosis came back - unexplained infertility.  Both of us were healthy and the doctor was not sure why we had been unable to get pregnant thus far.  The doctor gave us the recommendation to try some medicine. Neither of us were comfortable with this medicine, because we were told 'it MAY help or it MAY NOT.' There was no guarantee. Michael and I spent much time in prayer about taking this medicine and felt certain about one thing - our God is greater than any medical diagnosis or medicine.

Most people think we are crazy for foregoing fertility medicine in this season, but for us, it has been the best decision.  Jesus has taken me on this journey of knowing Him deeper through infertility.  He  has shown me that He is it!  I heard a pastor say, "that thing God's promised you, isn't the goal.  Jesus is the goal.'  When I heard that, I had to come face to face with my deepest desire - babies. If God never gave my husband and I a baby (or babies), would Jesus still be enough for me?  

Infertility is hard.  But I will be thankful for it a thousand times over because it has shown me how desperately I need Him far more than I 'NEED' babies!  But until I see our promise, I'm pursuing Jesus with everything in me & declaring that God is going to give us babies, because He is a miracle-working God who brings dead things to life and I'm believing this for your situation too. 

Stay tuned tomorrow, as you hear our founder talk about how we can begin to flip the script of infertility.

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