God's Work Behind the Scenes

In the midst of heartache and wondering what God is doing and when He will deliver, it always amazes me how He loves to show out and show up. Our God is a good, good Father.

You may remember in last weeks post how I was struggling after finding out about a friends pregnancy. Well fast forward to the other day when I had a dream that I found out I was pregnant and in this dream I was so very excited and went around telling everyone I ran into that I was pregnant. After all, I had waited so long for this. Then I woke up, and reality set in. That was just a dream. And my emotions are set off again because I’m heartbroken that was just a dream. Sigh…

So I start thinking that often times when I have dreams related to this journey towards motherhood God is usually trying to show me something. So I began praying and asking for His revelation. And He showed me that finding out I was pregnant is a part of my story and it will come to pass for me!!! I was so beyond blown away. I’ve had dreams of my children, but it’s been so long and I never knew how these children would come to me. So this was a new and fresh revelation.

At work yesterday, a friend came by and told me that the Lord has put me on her heart to pray for me. So she’s been praying for me the last several months. And God told her to come pray over me, so she came to see me.

I believe a baby is coming for you.

Those were the words she said right before she prayed over me. And her prayers were amazing. She kept saying how brave I was for putting my story out there and helping other women in this journey. I was in tears by the time she was done, just so in awe.

Then this morning I woke up to a friend messaging me. Also telling me she has been praying for me. She goes on to share how she understands this journey I’m on, she prays that I will have strength to carry the mantle of the ministry I’m leading and that I’m an inspiration to so many. I just begin crying happy tears. The timing of this message after everything else is just so amazing.

God showed me the work He was doing behind the scenes. Giving me dreams about my story, assigning women to pray for me, my future child and my ministry. He has big things coming even when I can’t see them happening before my eyes.

What things could God be working behind the scenes for you?

Many, O Lord my God, are the wonders you have done. The things you planned for us no one can recount to you; were I to speak and tell of them, they would be too many to declare. – Psalm 40:3


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