Time for a Little Rendezvous

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I am so excited to feature the amazing Geri Alicea of Womb Prep in a special guest series all month long about, yep, you read that right … SEX!! Hold onto your seats because this is gonna be good!

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Time for a Little Rendezvous

Do you enjoy sex with your husband but still feel like something is missing?


Have you tried spicing things up but still feel there’s a disconnect?


Have you started taking the initiative and tried new positions but you’re still kind of bored?


The issue may not be what you’re doing or how you’re doing it. A change of scenery may very well be just what you need. Sometimes when you’re in the same location, seeing the same things over and over again; that can make the experience seem boring and mundane. Thankfully, there is a quick, easy fix to this issue: change locations! Something so simple can have a big impact and bring the passion back to your sex life.

The great thing about switching locations is that you have options!


Here’s what you can do:


Choose different areas in your home to have a sexy rendezvous. For example:


1. BATHROOM – This is a great place to rendezvous if you have kids or relatives staying with you. Even though bathrooms are smaller than bedrooms there are a number of ways to make it work. The sink, the shower, the bathtub – utilize what you have. It may be a tiny space but there a numerous possibilities.

2. KITCHEN – If you’re home alone with your husband and you want to do something different then heat things up in the kitchen. It has more room and more surfaces than the bathroom so you have more options. And there may even be some item in your refrigerator that you can use to spice things up 😉. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

3. OFFICE – If you work from home and have an office then this is the perfect place for you to shake things up a bit. Most home offices are fairly spacious so depending on your office furniture you and your husband can find some creative ways to find that spark again. Ask him to leave work early and surprise him with a middle of the day rendezvous.

4. Hotel – If all else fails and none of the above options work for you then look into renting a hotel for a night  or a weekend. Plan a staycation for just the two of you so that you can relax, recharge and reconnect. Leave the laptops at home, turn off the phones and enjoy each other. Use that time to explore each other’s bodies and just BE. The good thing about going to a hotel is that nobody knows you so you can be as loud as you want without anyone asking questions the next morning 🤣🤣.


No matter where your rendezvous takes place, make a decision to enjoy every second of it. After all, sex was created to be enjoyed!


Geri Alicea
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