Tell Him What You Want

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I am so excited to feature the amazing Geri Alicea of Womb Prep in a special guest series all month long about, yep, you read that right … SEX!! Hold onto your seats because this is gonna be good!

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Tell Him What You Want

If you ask an older couple or a marriage expert how to have a good marriage then you will undoubtedly hear some form of the saying “communication is key”. Which is 100% true by the way. Communication is one of the keys to a great marriage. Thankfully it’s also a key to great sex too! I know in Part 2 of this series, I briefly talked about couples expressing what they need from each other. In today’s article we’re going to dig a little deeper with this topic. Today we’re going to talk about how what your husband hears you say before and during sex can enhance your sexual experience. So, let me ask you this question:


When was the last time you whispered “sweet nothings” in your husband’s ear? I know, I know, “sweet nothings” is such an old school phrase but let’s just go with it for today LOL. According to sweet nothings are defined as “whispered words into your lover’s ear in hopes of arousing sexual stimulation”.


If you’re engaging in foreplay and you want to communicate your desire you can say something like “I want you to kiss me right there” or “I want to taste you so bad” or “I’m going to…. (insert what you plan to do) when I get you alone”.


If you’re wanting to communicate your desire or how he’s making you feel during sex then you can whisper something like “Yes, right there!”, “Ooh do that again”, or “I love when you do that”.


Whispering these phrases or others like them to your husband does 3 things:
1. Ensures there’s no miscommunication about what you actually want.


As stated in a previous article, your husband isn’t a mind reader so what you like and what he think you like may actually be two different things. Telling him your desires in the moment basically kills two birds with one stone. It educates him on what you actually need and you’re left satisfied because your needs were met. See ladies, it’s a win-win all around LOL


2. Boosts your man’s sexual confidence.


YES, a man’s sexual confidence is a real thing and is primarily dependent upon how you respond during sex. According to most men experience some level of performance anxiety when having sex and one of the ways we, as women, can help ease some of that anxiety is by giving him praise. You like the way it feels when he does something? Tell him. He’s making you hotter by doing that one little thing? Communicate that to him. He’s hitting your erogenous zone the right way? Make that known to him with your sounds and words. Men need to know that what they’re doing to you really is giving you pleasure – so don’t hold back. Tell him when it’s happening in the moment. Be vocal about your pleasure.


3. Turns YOU on as well.
The great thing about whispering sweet nothings to your husband is that it benefits you too. In order for you to speak something out loud, your first have to think about what that “something” is. For example let’s say you’re getting ready to tell your husband you want to taste him. Before the words come out of your mouth, your mind plays back images of the act. So not only are you saying the words but you’re fantasizing about actually doing it.


When you think about whispering sweet nothings, it’s basically a Domino effect of sexiness. First you think about it. Next you whisper it to your husband. Then lastly, you take action. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.


My challenge for you all is to put this article into action. Whisper something sexy to your husband tonight and see how things go from there!


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