Taste Test Anyone?

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I am so excited to feature the amazing Geri Alicea of Womb Prep in a special guest series all month long about, yep, you read that right … SEX!! Hold onto your seats because this is gonna be good!

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Taste Test Anyone?

In the last few weeks we’ve talked about how to really heat things up in the bedroom – specifically by using your senses. Whether it’s touching, hearing or seeing; each of your senses can be used to enhance your sexual experience. And today, we’re going to continue with this train of thought and see how our sense of taste can help spice things up. But before I go any further let me just say this…..


YES, this article is going to talk about oral sex!


I know, I know. Oral sex isn’t a popular subject to talk about… Especially as Christian women. But just for today, I ask that you put the misconceptions about this topic aside and just roll it. I promise if you read (and later on act) with an open mind, it will bless your marriage and sex life!


One surefire way to bring the heat in the bedroom is by conducting a taste test. Start at the top and work your way down. Do a little experiment to see which areas get the best reaction then be sure to  pay special attention to those areas. Idoubt very seriously that you will get past the “middle” but hey, it won’t hurt to try LOL. Need some specific ideas on where and how to conduct this taste test? Try this….


1. All over his face.
Usually when you think about kissing, it’s on the lips or maybe cheeks. But there are a number of place on your man’s face that can be kissed. Start with his forehead (after all forehead kisses are the sweetest and convey the message that you love him). After that forehead kiss, proceed to kiss his cheeks, the tip of his nose and his chin. Then if you really want to heat things up kiss his philtrum (the space between the bottom of his nose and his top lop). The word Philtrum means “love potion” in Latin, so kissing him there can definitely move things from “sweet” to “hot and sexy”!


2. His neck and throat.
If you’re like me, then you haven’t given too much though about you man’s Adam’s Apple. But after doing some research, I’ve learned that a man’s Adam’s Apple is actually a hot spot! So while you’re conducting this sexy taste test, make sure you focus on this part of his neck.


3. Explore his upper body.
There are so many areas that your mouth and tongue can explore. Start with his chest and nipples, then migrate to his abdomen and ribs. Whether he has a 6-pack, 4-pack, or 30 extra pounds he needs to lose; there are many hot spots on his upper body. Find out where they are and take your time with them.


4. His midsection.
You can’t have a sexy taste test without tasting THAT part of your husband. Although oral sex gets a bad rep sometimes, it can actually be used to deepen the intimacy between spouse’s. After all, you can’t get much more intimate than putting your face in your man’s lap. That’s literally as intimate as you can get without actually having sex LOL.


Take your time with this part of the taste test. Figure out what rhythm and amount of pressure works for you and your husband and focus on that. If you’ve never done it or just dont like it, but you’re intentional about doing it remember to have the right mindset. Don’t think of it as a chore or something you hate doing. That train of thought will ruin a mood QUICK, lol. Instead, look at it as a way to ultimately please your man.


If you’re feeling a bit adventurous with your taste, then consider adding food to your experience. Whether it’s chocolate, caramel, whipped cream or even fruit rollups ( yes, your kids snack can be used for your husband’s pleasure) – adding food can make sex go from boring and mundane to fun, flirty and just plain hot!


However you decide to conduct this taste test, remember that your husband’s body is your playground. So explore and have fun!


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