Embrace… TTC New Year Exchange

New Years are filled with new beginnings. New beliefs in what could be. But when infertility is part of your story, new years are also reminders that another year has gone by and it hasn’t happened for you yet, the baby hasn’t come.

In a time, that is often filled with disappointment for us, let’s choose to look at the new year with new hope. Hope in a future year with possibilities, possibilities of a new chapter, a new hope, a new faith. God hasn’t forgotten you!

Let’s help encourage each other and help each other believe in a new year of possibility. That’s why I’ve decided to start the Exchange… TTC New Year Exchange. We’ll partner up and get our partners an encouraging card and some gifts to lift our spirits and push us forward into believe in our new year of possibility.

Sign up by November 30th to take part in this year’s Embrace… TTC New Year Exchange. You’ll get you your partner’s info by Mid-December so we can get our gifts in the mail and arriving in our partners hands by January 1st.

Embrace bravery.

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