Mommy Monday: Michelle’s Story

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Each week, I’ll share the story of a mother. Not just any mother, but a mother that surpassed the odds, a mother that overcame, a mother that didn’t give up, a mother that believed that the Lord had plans for her family. These are the stories of mothers after infertility when her precious miracle entered her world. May these stories inspire you, give you hope, and encourage you to keep believing for your miracle.


In 1999 I was pregnant with twin boys, but at 4 months (18 weeks of pregnancy) I miscarried them. One of the hardest days of our lives. Then I found out I was pregnant again. How excited we were but at 5 months 21 weeks I miscarried her. By this time we found a new doc and she told us that I have a weak cervix and need a stitch to hold a baby in the womb. So when I got pregnant again, I got the stitch and spent one month in the hospital before our now 18 year old daughter was born.
We named our daughter Desiree meaning child most wanted. Yes, we wanted the others but God had her live for a reason. He has a purpose for her life.
Then in 2007 I got pregnant again but this time when i got the stitch it did not hold and I miscarried him at 5 months along. After I miscarried our son, I was told I had PCOS. I changed my eating habits and God healed me from that. Now, after 12 years doctors say i have a scarred tube and fibroids.
We are still believing God for a second child. We know there is nothing impossible with God and our story is not finished yet.
God has given us the best gift of all. Our now 18 year old high school graduate daughter after all this. Our daughter is smart, makes all A’S and was 4th in her graduating class. Yes, we are both older now and still want a second child but nothing is too hard for God. I pray everyday for our second child. We continue to have faith after 12 years of trying.
What doctors tell you is just a diagnosis but God is the great healer and he has the final say. While you wait pray, and thank him for what you do have.
Our story is not finished yet we know God will bless us again with our second child and when he does we will have more to share about the goodness of God.


  1. Very encouraging! Thanks for sharing your story with the world. May God bless you with the desire of your heart.

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