I am so excited to feature the amazing Geri Alicea of Womb Prep in a special guest series about, yep, you read that right … SEX!! Hold onto your seats because this is gonna be good!

We live in a world where sex is everywhere. It’s in our music. It’s in our movies. We even use it to sell our products. But ironically, even though sex is literally everywhere we turn, most Christians don’t want to talk about it. And even more shocking is the fact that a lot of married couples aren’t doing it! Or if they are, it’s on rare occasions and they don’t even enjoy it.
Below you will find ads that will take you to each individual blog post for the series. Each week we’ll feature two articles in this series about sex. By the end of the month, we’ll have a total of 9 articles!

Post #1: Let’s Talk About Sex

Post #2: Boring Sex? No Thank You!

Post #3 Let’s Make Love for Love’s Sake

Post #4: Time for a Little Redezvous

Post #5: Show Him a Lil Somethin’ Somethin’

Post #6: Tell Him What You Want

Post #7: They Say Touching Leads to Other Things

Post #8: Taste Test Anyone?!?

Post #9: Sex is a Team Effort, Not a Solo Sport